HAZET (USED) 166N - Tool trolley "Assistent" - THIS ITEM IS USED

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• Tool trolley. - The Original.
• Space saving.
• Pillars can swing down to minimum height (500 mm) - for space saving transport. - Swung down pillars can be used as carrying handle.
• Lockable with padlock (including 2 keys).
• Wraparound rubber profiles protecting table board and intermediary containers from damage.
• Table board with rubber mat, 2 intermediary containers (including 4 partition sheets), spacious bottom container.
• 4 rubber castors with thread guard and double ball bearings, of which 2 swivel castors with brake.
• Total loading capacity (dynamic): 150 kg.
• Loading capacity (static): 300 kg.
• Worktop: PVC mat.
• Colour: HAZET blue.
• Made in Germany.
• Dimensions / length: 650 mm x 415 mm x 965 mm.
• Net weight: 24.5 kg.
• Worktop height: 900.
• Number of fixed castors: 2 (∅ 125 mm).
• Number of swivel castors: 2 (∅ 75 mm).

Why Choose the HAZET 166N Tool Trolley "Assistent"

Are you searching for the ultimate tool trolley? Then, end your search because the HAZET 166N Tool Trolley is probably the only tool trolley you will ever need. The first version of this trolley was created more than half a century ago and made to the exact standards of first-class German manufacturing. The 166N Assistent is built to last following the time-honoured Hazet tradition of excellence and is designed to outlast the user.

The HAZET 166N Assistent is the original toolkit on wheels with incredible capacity and space-saving features. Easy to transport, the pillars are easily swung down to a height of 500 mm and also double as a carrying handle. When assembled, it forms four layers including a table board that comes with a rubber mat that serves as a work table. Then, there are two other containers that are neatly partitioned with grooves for your work tools. Finally, the last layer is a spacious container that is wide enough to house a variety of tools.

One interesting feature about this trolley is how there are rubber profiles wrapped around it to keep the middle containers and their contents safe. The Hazet Assistent 166N also comes with a lockable padlock and two keys, which is handy in case one key gets missing. The wheels comprise of four rubber castors with double ball bearings and two of those are swivel castors with inbuilt brakes.

The HAZET blue colour makes this stand out from anything else in the industry. With a loading capacity of 300 kg, the HAZET Tool Trolley 166N is not made to be decorative. A robust and sturdy product, it is truly a worthy “assistent" to professional tradespeople. Order online now at misterworker.com



  • height: 965 mm
  • length: 650 mm
  • Weight: 24500 g
  • width: 415 mm