- The History of Beta Motorcycles -

An Italian Legend  

Beta motorcycles have always been connected with the history and evolution of life on two wheels. The company was founded in Florence in 1905 under the name "Società Giuseppe Bianchi", for building handmade bicycles. At the end of the 1940s, with the changes that had taken place in Italian society and the development of motorized transport, the company switched to motorcycle production. The simple expedient of attaching an engine with a roller transmission to one of its bicycles, a typical example of Italian creativity, resulted in the first motorbike produced by the Tuscan firm. 


Did you know? 

  • BETA is the oldest family owned motorcycle company in the world
  • BETA was established in 1904 by Arrigo Tosi and Enzo Bianchi (their initials spell BETA)
  • BETA continues to design and manufacture quality motorcycles in Florence, Italy
  • The great Jim Pomeroy raced for BETA in Europe aboard a BETA 500 2-Stroke in the early 1980's
  • BETA has been selling motorcycles in the USA since the 1960's
  • BETA is the leading Trials motorcycle manufacturer in the world
  • All of the BETA engineers are off road or trial riders themselves
  • BETA manufactured 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc engines for KTM for more than ten years
  • BETA produces 25,000 motorcycles annually
  • BETA owners are special as they take pride in their ownership like no other brand
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