AKRAPOVIC Evolution Exhaust System - S-S10E3-APLT

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  • Includes a lightweight, compact and high-temperature-resistant carbon-fiber muffler clamp
  • When the position of the exhaust system needs to be changed and the stock bracket is no longer usable, a carbon-fiber bracket is included
  • Cannot be used with OEM bodywork
  • Intended for racing bikes with larger radiators, etc..
  • Outlet cap, perforated inner sleeve and inlet cap are all made of titanium
  • 102 dB sound
  • Ceramic anti-seizing grease, made especially for use with titanium, is used to prevent seizing, corrosion and excessive wear of parts of the exhaust system made of titanium (due to vibration and extreme temperatures)
  • Conical or cylindrical shaped, hydroformed header and link pipe are made of stainless steel or titanium; type of construction is based on maximum increase in performance
  • Evolution Kit systems feature a 300mm muffler, high-mount design and includes a carbon-fiber muffler mounting bracket
  • Hexagonal mufflers feature a carbon-fiber outlet cap to match the design of each bike
  • Joint of the inlet cap is milled on a state-of-the-art CNC machine and connected by high-quality silicon-shielded tempered springs
  • Crossover tubes may be installed based on the results of testing


  • Product Name: Exhaust System
  • Type: Full System
  • Model: Evolution
  • Design/Configuration: 4-Into-2-Into-1 System
  • Style: Conical
  • Material: Titanium
  • Color/Finish: Silver
  • End Cap Style: Slash-Cut
  • Units: Each
  • Riding Style: Street