ODI ROGUE Black/Black Rogue MX Grips H10RGB-B

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  • Popular Rogue Pattern features large raised pads to absorb vibration and increase comfort
  • Dual-ply construction provides a soft, tacky outer layer with an inner material for improved bar adhesion
  • Harder material ends also protect from "grip blowout"
  • Deep grooved channels make it nearly impossible for mud and dirt to stick
  • Larger diameter makes it ideal for riders with larger hands and those looking for increased padding and cushion
  • For use with 7/8" bars and twist throttles
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Product Name Grips
Model Rogue
Color/Finish Black
Base Color Black
Material Rubber
Length 4-1/2"
Texture Soft
Features with Closed Ends
for Handlebar Diameter 7/8"
Units Pair
Riding Style Offroad