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The all new Vintage Cafe has been amplified. Outfitted with beautiful laser etched wood inlays, our Cafe now features our latest and all new Vintorque™ technology.

Our all new 2020 VintorqueTM Drivetrain Technology, remarkably, melds you with machine—and this ain’t science fiction. Thanks to its pedal assist input—which includes our most finely attuned torque sensor ever—the powerful drivetrain reacts instantly and seamlessly to the motion of your feet. The instant you need power, you’ve got it, resulting in a super-smooth ride, be it uphill or a long straightaway. Its bluetooth-enabled controller guarantees frictionless integration between all components, pumping up performance and power for our top-of-the-line 750-watt rear-hub motor.

This wolf in sheep’s clothing is our equivalent of a 500HP V8…hidden under the hood of the family sedan. With 3X the power of its competitors the Cafe walks quietly, but carries a big stick. Wedged within the mild-mannered-styling of the pedal assist commuter, is a ferocious power plant, producing a surreal level of speed and acceleration. All the benefits of bicycle commuting have been amplified by the electric drive train and vintage-inspired aesthetics, putting the Cafe electric bike in a lane of its own.

Powerfully intuitive Vintorque™ drivetrain technology with 5 levels of pedal assist ensure that you’ll get the dressed down workout you want or the business casual cruise you need. Between the torque monster of a motor, and the traditional 10-speed derailleur, the power possibilities are endless. The Cafe crushes all commutes be it a crosstown 20-mile hustle or a no-sweat jaunt around the block.

The Cafe reigns as one of the most powerful electric commuters in the industry. With the incredibly smooth hub-drive motor, it delivers raw speed and confidence-inspiring control. The 750 watt drivetrain delivers nearly 3X the power of its competitors*. *comparably priced commuter e bikes

Available in three sizes, the Cafe’s chromoly steel frame has been meticulously engineered to provide the perfect harmony between performance and comfort. With the aesthetics of bygone beauty, and the versatility of a removable battery, the Cafe sits at the top of its class as the world’s quickest, classiest, and most versatile commuter.

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