BEL-RAY Foam Filter Oil - 400 ml - Aerosol 99200-A400W

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  • Made for all street, off-road, and racing foam air filter applications
  • Easy to apply and improves airflow
  • Ultra-viscous formula forms an oil barrier to trap micron-sized particles that can cause engine damage
  • Waterproof formula prevents clogging when wet


Product Name Oil
Type Air Filter
Application Foam
Oil Dispenser Type Aerosol Spray
Oil Base Synthetic (Full-Synthetic)
Oil Container Size 13.5 U.S. fl oz. / 400 ml (13,5 U.S. fl oz.) / 400 ml
Units Each
Riding Style Off-Road / UTV / Adventure Touring / Dual-Sport / ATV / Street
Kit Includes Air Filter Oil