BEL-RAY Thumper Transmission Oil - 80W-85 1 LITER 99510-B1LW

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  • Developed for the unique demands of 4-stroke racing motorcycles equipped with separate engines and transmissions
  • Formulated to protect gears and bearings subject to high torque loads of today's powerful 4-stroke Thumper engines
  • Multi-viscosity formula flows freely for better clutch cooling and positive clutch engagement for better starts
  • Protects highly-loaded gears from wear to ensure smooth shifts for more positive action


Product Name Oil
Type Transmission
Model Gear Saver
Dispenser Type Bottle
Viscosity (Weight) 80W-85
Oil Base Conventional (Mineral)
Application 4-Stroke
Container Size 1 liter (1,05 U.S. quart) / 1.05 U.S. quart / 1 liter
Units Each
Riding Style ATV / Off-Road / Adventure Touring / Dual-Sport / Street / UTV