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CANYON DANCER Bar- Harness II - Standard - Black 32505

CANYON DANCER Bar- Harness II - Standard - Black 32505

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  • Simple, quick and very easy to use; mounts on the grips and keeps tie-downs away from the body
  • Improved bar-harness has a glass-filled injection molded polycarbonate "cup" to replace the old handlebar "cuff"
  • Eliminates possible damage to soft grips and holds the cross straps farther away from the switchgear
  • Sized to fit the widest grips on the market
  • Uses a heavier thread with more stitches to provide greater strength
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Nylon webbing has tensile strength of over 5,500 lb.


Product Name Strap
Type Tie-Down
Style Standard
Model Bar-Harness II
Color/Finish Black
Material Nylon
Width 32"
Features Adjustable
Units Each
Riding Style Adventure Touring / Dual-Sport / Street
Base Color Black
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