GALFER Complete Brake Line Kit - Stainless Steel - HONDA FK003D118-1

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  • 64 braided strands of steel around the line, making the line have zero expansion at any time - better than any other braided line
  • Requires less pressure at the lever, allowing the rider to use less force while stopping the bike faster and with better feel
  • Fittings come from the factory pre-positioned but can swivel 180° if necessary to make the installation process easier
  • Includes a clear outer coating which protects the bike from scratches and the lines from humidity
  • Complete with all necessary banjo bolts and washers
  • Ready to install


Product Name Brake Line
Type Standard
Model Standard
Color/Finish Silver
Material PTFE / Stainless Steel
Mounting Position Front
Units Kit
Riding Style Off-Road

1992-2003 Honda CR125R
  • front: 1992-2003
1992-2003 Honda CR250R
  • front: 1992-2003
1992-2000 Honda CR500R
  • front: 1992-2000