MAXIMA Plush Suspension Fluid - 7wt - 16 U.S. fl oz. 55-55916

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  • Designed for both forks and shocks with the world’s fastest racers, on the world’s toughest circuits
  • High-performance fluid formulated specifically for mountain bike suspensions
  • Proven in XC, Enduro, All Mountain, DH and Freeride
  • Specially designed for use in both mountain bike shocks and forks
  • Optimized for today’s sophisticated suspension systems
  • Reduces stiction and running friction
  • Zero Fade” high viscosity index (VI)
  • Consistent damping performance at any temperature
  • Eliminates stiction
  • Proprietary additive system minimizes oxidation, corrosion and wear
  • Reduces friction and considerably lowers the force needed for easy breakaway in the initial stroke of travel
  • Protects seals and extends time between rebuilds
  • Advanced additives extend seal life and protect the system from wear and corrosion