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NGK Spark Plug - CR10E

NGK Spark Plug - CR10E

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  • Superior construction for serious power
  • NGK makes plugs for almost every application and riding style
  • Versatile plugs with wide operating heat ranges prevent fouling from running too cool and preignition from running too hot
  • Features high alumina ceramics for improved heat dissipation and electrical insulation, deep-seated copper core for a wider heat range and a nickel alloy tip for longer life


Product Name Spark Plug
Type Resistor Type
Style CR10E
Model Standard
Terminal Configuration Threaded Stud
Center Electrode Projection Non-Projected
Electrode Tip Material Nickel Alloy
Center Electrode Type Standard
Ground Electrode Configuration Single
Ground Electrode Shape Standard
Thread Reach 3/4" / 19.1 mm
Hex Size 5/8" / 16 mm
Heat Range 10
Spark Gap 0,8 mm (0,031") / 0.031" / 0.8 mm
Electrical Resistance 5k Ohms
Units Each
Riding Style Offroad / Watercraft / ATV / Snow / UTV / Adventure Touring / Dual-Sport / Street

1996-2000 Suzuki DR 650 SE
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