PARTS UNLIMITED INNER TUBE 170/80-15 PV78 0350-0329

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  • "Real butyl tubes" made from 100% butyl polymer, unlike other "butyl" tubes, which are blended with butyl polymer and natural rubber
  • Each tube is individually boxed with a full range of sizes and valve stem types clearly marked on each box end
  • 100% butyl tube minimizes natural air leakage while maintaining air pressure for a longer period of time
  • Product Name: Inner Tube
  • Type: Motorcycle
  • Material: Butyl
  • Duty: Standard
  • Inner Tube Valve Stem Type EU: PV-78
  • Inner Tube Valve Stem Type US: PV/PRV-78 Center Metal 90° Bend (tall threaded and nuts)
  • for Rim Size: 15"
  • Tube Fits Tire Size: 170/80-15
  • Mounting Position: Front / Rear
  • Units: Each
  • Riding Style: Offroad / Street / Adventure Touring / Dual-Sport