Yamaha YZ250 1977-81 IT250 1979-81 IT400 1976 IT425 1980 IT465 1981 MX250 1975 MX400 1975 YZ400 1979 YZ465 1980-81 Reed Valve Kit RVY012

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Worn reeds can have your bike running poorly and be hard to start. Worn or damaged reeds can put an end to your day of riding and be a big hassle.  Properly working reeds are a must and VintCo has the solution. These all new Reed Valve Kits are made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure an as good or better than OEM fitment and performance. The high quality Cloth Weave Reed Material is CNC machined in the USA and is an upgrade over stock.   The OEM part numbers are supplied to ensure exact fitment. This Reed Valve Kit will fit all Yamaha 1977-81 YZ250 models, 1979-81 IT250 models, 1976 IT400 models, 1980 IT425 models, 1981 IT465 models, 1975 MX250 models, 1975 MX400 models, 1979 YZ400 models and 1980-81 YZ465 models.  These newly manufactured Reed Valve Kits from VintCo will help you keep the ride going! 


  • Reed Valve / OE# 2K7-13613-00-00 / 3R5-13613-00-00 / 3SP-13613-01-00
  • Improves Starting
  • Improved Durability vs stock
  • Improved Performance vs stock
  • CNC Machined
  • Made in USA
  • Kit rebuilds both sides of one reed block