Yamaha YZ465 1980 1981 Cylinder Sleeve 85mm SLY06A

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For many vintage bikes out there it can be hard to find a replacement cylinder. A new Cylinder Sleeve can save a vintage bike’s life. VintCo offers high quality USA made, cast-iron Cylinder Sleeves for your vintage machine. This Cylinder Sleeve fits your 1980-1981 Yamaha YZ465 85mm machine. These high quality Cylinder Sleeves are made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure an as good or better than OEM fitment and performance. All dimensions are provided for an experienced and qualified machinist to install in your cylinder. The ports are angled correctly so there is significantly less port matching work required than in other sleeves. This sleeve will be able to be bored and honed to your stock size VintCo piston kit. A new, high-quality, cast-iron Cylinder Sleeve can help your vintage bike run like new. VintCo helps you keep the ride going! 

  • Made For VintCo By Advanced Sleeve
  • Piston Part # PSY06-00
  • Bore 85mm
  • Height 161.1mm
  • OD 95.4mm
  • Flange OD 98.1mm
  • Flange Height 5.1mm
  • Wall Thickness 5.8mm
  • Intake 15mm
  • Exhaust Port Location 45.7mm